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Upcoming Shows At The Spring Arts Gallery

The Springs Arts Collective hosts new shows and receptions throughout the year in their Spring Arts Gallery
in downtown Los Angeles. These artist curated shows include emerging and established talent.

It's Elemental

Join us on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, 6-9pm, for the Spring Arts Collective art exhibit opening reception for our newest exhibit, “It’s Elemental”.

“It’s Elemental” is an art show honoring the Earth and the four classical elements which nourish, sustain us, and make life on our fragile tiny blue dot viable.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

These four elements do not only nourish and support us, they ARE us, for we are elemental beings. We are made of water and earth, the air in our lungs keeps us alive and the fire in our hearts gives our lives meaning.

We live in extraordinary times. Our beautiful planet, our only home, and we with it, are facing a very uncertain future. It is time we, as elemental beings, stand together for the good of all, not just some. For the good of all, for the future of humankind and the future of our world.

“It’s Elemental” celebrates this vision through the artistry of 7 talented women:
Tanya Alexis
Cindy Bendat
Marian Crostic
Pat Estes
Lola Mitchell
Nochol Norman
Sharon Johnson-Tennant

Curated by Liz Huston

All proceeds for sales of art included in this exhibit will benefit the Amazon Conservation Association, The Ocean Conservancy and The Lakota People’s Law Project (NoDAPL).